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402 Pine Cleaner
Product Model: 402(3.78L/1GAL/x4/CTN)
Scope of application: washing clothing, sheets and textiles

Product Introduction:

The 402 Pine cleaner is highly effective in killing bacteria, and can be used for washing clothing, sheets and textiles, also on many surfaces: floors, tables and toys. It leaves a reassuring pine fragrance and no stickiness after cleaning. You enjoy big savings when you use the 402.

●Fast acting to kill bacteria
●Reassuring pine fragrance
●Multipurpose - Suitable to mop floors and wipe tables
●Big savings

●Dilute 1:50
●1:50 for washing clothing, sheets and textiles
●For toys, rinse after wiping with 402

●Pine oil
●PCMX – anti bacterial ingredient

Safety precautions:
●Do not drink or ingest
●Wash hands after using

Application Case:

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