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805 Static Dust Treatment
Product Model: 805(3.78L/1GAL/x4/CTN)
Scope of application: Wood floor, glue floor, terrazzo, ceramic tile, gymnasium floor, etc

Product Introduction:

Gadlee Spray a little 805 Static Dust Treatment on dust mops and see how they pick up and hold dust like a magnet. It is fast drying but not slippery, lifts dust quickly from all surfaces.

●Fast drying but not slippery
●Economical – use only a little each time
●Increases the life and beauty of floors
●Good fragrance

Spray a little directly on the dust mop before usage. Your dust mop should remain dry

specially blended oils

Safety precautions:
●For professional use only. Keep away from children
●For safety information, please refer to SDS.

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