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GTS1500 Ride-on Sweeper
Product Model: GTS1500
Scope of application: warehouses, loading docks, parking etc.

Product Introduction:

Gadlee GTS1500industrial sweeper is more than a solution. It's an extraordinary opportunityHeavy duty rider industrial sweeper designed to work in very dusty environment.Able to pick up from fine dust to large gravel is the ideal sweeper for heavyindustrial applications. Is also ideal to be used also in every public orlogistic areas such as warehouses, loading docks, parking etc. The industrialsweeper GTS1500 features all an industrial sweeper needs to be productive:Large hopper, high power, outstanding sweeping result and very performingsuction system.

Direct throw sweeping system for outstanding cleaning result even in demanding 

  working conditions

PTFE heavy duty polyester filter

Heavy duty steel chassis

Power steering for easy and pleasant use

Hopper garbage compacting system to increase hopper capacity

Low maintenance, fully hydraulic function

Constant brush pressure system

No tools needed to change main broom

technical Parameter:

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